The Timber Boutique

Now that it is all official, I’m delighted to announce that Dreamees have acquired ‘The Timber Boutique’ brand. I am also so, SO excited to let you know that this is the first of many exciting things to happen this year (you’ll also be seeing other designers coming to the Dreamees brand too!!) – watch this space!

As a little back story, unfortunately The Timber Boutique have been the target of trolls (definition, before anyone suggests this isn’t trolling, ‘Trolling is defined as creating discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. Basically, a social media troll is someone who purposely says something controversial or factually incorrect in order to get a rise out of other users’).

Whilst it has only been around 6 months since The Timber Boutique began, it doesn’t take very long for trolling to take its toll and nothing is worth the hate and misery it causes.

There have been numerous posts in craft groups spreading false information and creating these ‘flame wars’ on fake accounts to try and tear down a small business. Whilst I’m not willing to publically include the names and messages we have received, I am willing to share this as it is public already – – all conspiracy theories in this video are false and it has already been taken down once due to stealing our content. None of the people that have messaged us, or spread lies online, were in the meetings that began TTB so they have no reference point for what happens behind those closed doors in those meetings.

I must stipulate at this point that NONE of the TTB information has been a secret – we have replied to numerous people publically with this same information. We have been forthcoming in responding to questions about TTB and have been giving out this same info for the past 6 months.

Initially, the owners of The Timber Boutique had lost their jobs due to COVID and we offered to help design and build machines with them in order for them to start a small craft business. Thankfully, this helped them keep paying their rent and putting food on the table. Due to association with Dreamees, they, along with us, have received a lot of truly disgusting emails about how un-welcome a new business is in the industry and that we shouldn’t be allowed to collaborate with friends on something we love. There is no limit to how many companies a person can be involved with, nor are they all limited companies available to ogle publically.

It had recently come to a head when Lou, who very kindly demonstrated TTB products on Hochanda, was called a liar. Everything that Lou has said has come direct from us and is factually correct. But the owners decided this was the final straw as clearly it is by association that the issue arises so, as a result, The Timber Boutique owners had decided to call it quits, close the business and forfeit any machinery and stock held. As we didn’t want to see them struggle, and The Timber Boutique has been such a success, we decided to purchase the stock from them in order to keep the brand alive.

Whilst it’s incredibly sad that some people (and it’s always the same people…) within such a lovely industry can be so cruel, it is a blessing that we have been able to continue with the designs that The Timber Boutique have and will be able to continue their success under the Dreamees umbrella. To keep the designs authentic, the original owners will still contribute when needed.

Whilst I feel like this is obvious, I must remind you that internet trolling has the same impact on someones mental health as a ‘real life’ bully does and nobody has the right to make you feel suicidal or depressed.

We, as are many other small businesses, are purely trying to make a living, especially through such tough times. Just because we appear on shopping TV, doesn’t mean we are ‘millionaires’, or that we invite these trolls  – we are simply trying to make ends meet and put food on the table, as is every other person in the world.

We will make no further comment on the acquisition of TTB and will remove any inflammatory or offensive comments on this post.

03. February 2021 by dreameescraft
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